Top 10 Tips For Better Golf Scores And More Fun


If you want to have fun and get better golf scores, we share our best tips that you should follow for each and every round of golf you play.

Golf can be played by people of any age, gender, race, and skill level in various locations, from Seattle to Boston to Miami and all the places in between. This is one of the great aspects of this sport. You can enjoy a game with anyone, anywhere, especially during the summer.

To enhance the fun and improve scores, golfers should stick to these 10 tips in every round they play.

Start with A Clean Ball

Ever heard PGA Tour pros exclaiming “Mud Ball!?!” quite frequently? This is because mud, dirt, and grass can quickly stain a golf ball, affecting its flight and roll.

Begin your round with a spotless ball, free from stains, dents, or cracks, which might result from hitting a tree, cart path, or flag stick.

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Believe me, it makes a difference.

clean golf ball

Mark Your Ball on Greens and Keep It Clean

Similar to tip number 10, when you reach the green, mark your ball, clean it, and then position it properly along the line where you’ll putt.

A clean ball rolls more smoothly on the greens, and marking your ball helps you align your putt on the desired path.

Carry Multiple Ball Markers

Jack Nicklaus always carries three pennies in his pocket.

One is to mark his own ball, another for his opponent in case they forget, and a third just in case he or his competitor loses their marker.

It’s smart to carry more than one marker since you never know when you might need it.

Use a Towel

The first three tips emphasize the importance of a clean ball.

To maintain it, you need a towel. Whether attached to your bag or carried to the green, a towel is essential. Clean grooves on the clubface are also crucial.

Dirty grooves won’t give you any spin with your wedges.

Dampen your towel at the start of your round to help keep your balls and clubs clean.

Post Your Score and Maintain an Honest Handicap

A great thing about golf is that everyone can compete fairly if they keep an honest handicap.

If you don’t have an official handicap, sign up through the USGA’s GHIN service. Post your scores wherever you play, as each course has a rating and slope to gauge its difficulty. Inflating your handicap might label you as a cheater, and nobody wants that.

So post your actual score, or face consequences later.

Rake Any Bunkers and Fix Ball Marks

Besides keeping your balls and clubs clean, ensure the golf course remains tidy too.

Use the rakes provided to smooth the sand traps back to a level surface. Also, fix ball marks on the greens to avoid damaging the putting surface or interfering with someone else’s line.

A divot repair tool or a tee works fine.

Always fix your ball marks and rake the bunkers.

Follow Proper Etiquette

Golf course etiquette is vital.

Don’t step in someone’s line.

Make sure your shadow doesn’t interfere with another player’s swing, stance, or putt.

Never stand directly behind someone’s swing.

Avoid standing near the hole when someone else is putting. Give them space to make their strokes.

And always shake your opponent’s hand at the end of the round, regardless of the result.

golf employee staff

Respect the Course Staff and Be Cordial

Course staff knows more about the conditions, local rules, and pace of play than you do.

Disrespecting or being rude to them helps no one.

Always be cordial at the golf course for everyone’s enjoyment.

Don’t Delay

Slow play isn’t just an issue on the PGA Tour; it affects amateur golfers too.

You don’t need 30 practice swings before a stroke or to analyze every detail of each green before putting. Play with purpose and hit when you’re ready.

Have Fun

This might be a simple rule, but it’s so very important.

Golf is a game—arguably the best one—but it’s important to have fun, even when it gets frustrating. You’re outside, often with friends and family, enjoying life’s best moments.

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